Baked Green Bananas

The most amazing thing about having parents who are farmers is that we get to benefit from their bumper harvest! What is even more amazing is that my husband’s parents are also farmers, so, double the harvest!

Having parents with farms also means that at any given time, my mum always has banana trees with bananas growing on them but a couple of weeks ago, thieves stole four of her bananas that were ripe for harvesting. They went to an extent of destroying a few of the crops growing near the banana trees. Out of frustration, mum cut all the green bananas that hadn’t matured. I felt her anger and frustration as she’d worked so hard to ensure that her crop was productive, only for them to get stolen! Seeing first hand the plight of farmers in Kenya makes me sad.

So, out of this, my parents had an abundance of green bananas and some of them landed in our home.

We made all the recipes we could think of that required green bananas; from matoke, banana crisps, mashed bananas to bananas with peanut sauce (Ugandan Style… will share our family recipe soon). After some time, they started ripening, but green ripe bananas don’t always taste nice when they are ripe (well.. these ones didn’t taste nice) and getting rid of them was not an option. 

I was reminded of a recipe my dad shared of how his mum used to make bananas for their breakfast by placing almost-ripe green bananas in hot ash after their evening meals then removing them in the morning, just before they took the cows out for grazing. 

I replicated the same recipe, this time, using a conventional oven and I was amazed by the results!

The bananas were very fragrant with such an intriguing sweet taste to them! My husband actually expected a banana cake when he entered the house that evening, that is how good the smell was.

I believe this is a must have breakfast treat or an afternoon snack that it is filled with nutrients and packed with energy to pull you through the day.

Baked Green Banana Recipe

Serves 2

Time: 40 min

Here’s what you need:

  1. 4 medium sized Green bananas that have slightly ripened (have a yellow-green colour)
  2. Aluminum Foil
  3. Fork
  4. Oven-safe tray

Here’s how you make them:

  1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius
  2. Wash your green bananas
  3. With a fork, pierce the banana skin a number of times (this prevents them from imploding as a result of the internal pressure)
  4. Wrap them with aluminium foil
  5. Place them on a tray and into the preheated oven for 30 min
  6. Allow cooling and serve

*Aluminium foil helps with cleaning afterwards as the bananas can become a tad bit messy but in case your tray gets some of the banana ‘juices’, just soak it for a few minutes with dishwasher soap and warm water. The stains will come off easily.

Bon Appetit

This article was first published on 2nd April, 2018

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