The Perfect Fruit Bowl

The most amazing thing about living in a tropical country is that we always have fruits all year round and I recently discovered that the end of Mango season in Kenya ushers in the beginning of Mango season in parts of Uganda! I’m now really envious of my relatives in Uganda. But oh well, we’ve got to wait till sometime in October for Apple-Mango season!

All About Arrow Roots (Nduma/Taro Root)

When purchasing arrowroots, look for those that don’t have too many holes in them. The more the holes, the more they are prone to rot. I’d recommend that you tell the person selling them to chop a thin slice off one end (do the same when purchasing sweet potatoes). They should either be white in colour with pink patches or white with purplish streaks on them. The colour varies depending on the breed. It should be firm when you press your finger into the tuber. If it is grey in colour, then the arrowroot is not fresh. If you can press the tuber and it feels ‘ripe’, then it is not fresh.

Tasty Coconut Mahamri

Mahamris are among the very many delicacies the people from the coast offer and making them does not take a lot of time, nor does it take a lot of work. I look at them as blank canvases that can be spiced according to a person’s pallet. Most people prefer to have mahamris with tea while other people prefer to have them with legumes such as mbaazi (pigeon-peas) or lentils

Tasty Lentil Soup

Today I’ll be showing you how to make an amazing soup with lentils (also referred to as Kamande). Lentils are packed with protein and I find them the most flavourful lentils in the market. I like that I can cook them at short notice, unlike other grains that I have to boil for hours on end before I can actually fry them. They are also pocket-friendly and available in all supermarkets within Nairobi!

Baking Without an Oven

The art of cooking and baking using an oven was invented as early as the discovery of fire. Back then, our foremothers would dig pits, place hot pieces of charcoal in the pit, cover the charcoal with ash and place vegetables on top of the ash. They would then cover the vegetable with hot ash before covering the pit with soil.

Baked Green Bananas

The most amazing thing about having parents who are farmers is that we get to benefit from their bumper harvest! What is even more amazing is that my husband’s parents are also farmers, so, double the harvest!

Croutons 101

Croutons, derived from the Italian word meaning crust, are made from pieces of bread. They vary in different shapes and sizes and you can use any type of bread to make them, even stale bread. These pieces of bread are either pan fried or oven baked with butter or cooking oil which gives them their distinct crunchy feel.

Tofu: A Beginners Guide Part 2

For starters, tofu generally has a lot of moisture and the first thing you should do once you’ve purchased your tofu is to remove some of the excess moisture. There are two methods of draining the excess water. The first method involves covering your tofu with a kitchen towel/cloth and sandwiching it between two plates, then place a weight on top of the plate. This provides the pressure required to drain off all the excess water.

Tofu: A beginners Guide Part 1

My first interaction with tofu was at my local supermarket. This funny looking white substance that I’d heard was an Asian delicacy roused my curiosity but I didn’t have the guts to buy one. I didn’t know how to handle it, let alone cook it!

Bread Rolls Recipe

Our household is one that often enjoys a bowl of soup for dinner quite often and everyone loves these bread rolls that go well with any kind of soup. Looking at the frequency with which we make soups and salads, buying baguettes and bugger rolls wasn’t a sustainable solution.