Sweet Chili Matumbo/Tripe
Sweet Chili Matumbo/Tripe
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Published on March 12, 2020
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You either hate matumbo or love them!

I personally have a love-hate relationship with them. I enjoy eating the finished product but I don't look forward to preparing them. I'm currently looking for a service provider who can deliver fresh or frozen, properly cleaned, preboiled matumbo at the comfort of my kitchen. Hit me up if you know of one!

I prefer getting my matumbo from City Market on Mondays. My latest discovery is that the best day to purchase fresh beef, especially the internal organs, is on Mondays at City Market. You can alternatively travel all the way to Ndunyu or Kiamaiko to get fresh meat from the slaughter house. The good bit about buying tripe at City Market is that you'll get a good price while the down side is that you'll get it barely clean. If you don't like cleaning matumbo yourself, please get them from a good trusted butchery. I've seen that matumbo from Carrefour is way cleaner than my local City Market vendor but a few coins pricier. 

Anyway, once I've got my matumbo with me, I like thoroughly cleaning them. I'm not among the people who believe that the dirtier the matumbo is, the sweeter they are! That's just a NO for me! As long as I didn't raise the animal, I will not risk eating parts that haven't been properly cleaned, this includes mutura (blood sausages) from the streets! Sorry mutura lovers, I said it :-D!

I run water inside the small intestines to remove any scum and I do this several times (at times with lukewarm water) then go through the different layers of the stomach (especially the bit locally called 'kitabu' that looks like the pages of a book). 

I then boil my clean intestines for 3 hours to make them tender. To make the smell less repugnant as they boil, I add ginger paste, garlic paste, black pepper corns and salt to the water. It also accentuates the overall flavour of the finished product. I wait for my matumbo to cool before cutting them into slices. It makes the cutting much easier and less messy.

I feel that some matumbo lovers have stopped reading this blog by now because of how I've butchered and sanitised my matumbo. 

Boiled day old matumbo

My preboiled day old matumbo

This is where the fun bit begins. I fry my matumbo in caramelised onions with garlic and ginger and I add a few slices of coloured peppers to give it a dash of colour. 

Just before I remove them from the fire, I add my simple sweet child sauce and stir fry them till they are crunchy (slightly charred) and sticky.


I enjoy these particular matumbo as a snack. They are soo yummy we get through a kilo of them within a few hours.

Bon Appetit!

*Feature image courtesy of The Spruce Eats*

13th Mar 2020
I remember the first time I cooked Matumbos I didn't know that one is supposed to wash them and boil. I thought that the butcher guys had washed them for me lol! As a bachelor I fried them with some onions and tomato as I waited patiently to scavenge them with ugali. When I opened the lid of the sufuria the stench that hit me made me gasp for fresh air outside the balcony 😁😁.. I had to rewash them and cook them again since it was 10pm in the night and It's the only food i had in the house 🙆🏾‍♂️ Seeing your recipe now makes me smile and remember my escapades with matumbo. I eventually learnt to cook them and I will be trying this recipe. Plus I love crunch matumbo 😋😋 Thanks for sharing the recipe! It has elicited a bunch of memories 😁😁
13th Mar 2020
Bernice’s Delights
Haha haha! That’s a really funny story Muchine! I’m glad you got to learn how to make matumbo. I think if I were you I’d have thrown the whole sufuria away! Please do share how your experience will be with this recipe. Feel free to also share your matumbo recipe 😊!
17th Mar 2020
Thank you for revealing a new hack of cutting after boiling. I'm usually fighting my knife sliding across the board when cutting certain sections of it. Good thing though is I already have some boiled and stored so this seems like a recipe for tonight 😋🤤
17th Mar 2020
Bernice’s Delights
Glad to hear that Olilo. Do share pictures after you try it out 😊
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