To The First Of Many
To The First Of Many
Published on March 26, 2020
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I woke up at 2 am in the morning with a weird feeling in my system. I couldn't place my finger on it but I knew something was off within my body. I stood up from bed and a steady stream of what I was sure wasn't pee flowed down my thighs. I went to the bathroom just to be certain I hadn't peed on myself and out came the mucus plug! I woke my husband up and our son was born some few minutes to 1 pm! Labour wasn't as intense as I had thought it would be but the pushing bit went beyond what I had actually prepared for! I thought that babies easily come out after you've dilated till 10 centimetres! Lies! Weh! I had a different experience, but all in all, I got to go home with a 3kg healthy baby boy, who happened to have pooped while in the womb and still pooped immediately after he was born ( I don't know what he had been eating and no, he wasn't in distress... he just had a lot of poop in his system lol!)


Fast forward to today. and we are celebrating his first birthday!

It may sound cliche, but having a child is like learning how to drive while on the high way! You learn on the go. They don't come with manuals or maps to show you how to operate them, they just are and you just have to pray that you're doing the right thing! I used to panic a lot but the peace that I got from God was that I am not the one who sustained him while he was in the womb nor will I be the one to sustain him as he grows up. It humbles me to realise that I am a custodian of this amazing treasure that is Dom. 


We have faced difficult times as a couple, mostly because we had different ideas on how to effectively take care of each other and take care of Dom. But these experiences have really grown us and has created such a depth of relationship between us that wasn't there before our son came!

But most importantly, I have grown! I have grown in my capacity to handle difficult situations. I have grown to love that I don't have to have figured everything out or to have all the answers and that it's okay to be there. I have learnt that the perfect mum is the one who learns from her mistakes and continuously grows in her consistency. I have learnt that being a mum is the most rewarding thing and I have learnt that the love parents have for their children is just unparalleled! 

I have also learnt to be creative and think outside the box because my son doesn't like monotony! Especially with his food! He will like something one day and completely disdain it the next! We've had evenings where we have three different types of food for him but he ends up eating the most oddest of things, like boiled maize, or boiled arrow roots... on their own... kavu kavu (dry, without a sauce or an accompaniment)! We've also had days when we've laughed ourselves silly. Days when we've barely slept and days where we've had fun making a mess in the house.

All in all, we pray for the best, even as God continues to humble us through parenting (hahaha!).

Happy Birthday Dom.

02nd Apr 2020
An anonymous friend
This is very beautiful and raw☺️ I wish you and your family all the very best.
03rd Apr 2020
Bernice’s Delights
Thank you 😊
08th Apr 2020
It is such a delight to be parents and to witness our son grow into the amazing boy he is turning out to be. Thanks Bernice for being such a strong, passionate and committed mom and the best wife in the world!!
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