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Published on March 5, 2020

I think I missed the bandwagon when everyone was writing about their New Year's resolution or what they intend to do in this new year or even giving a summary of how the previous year was! 

We are now in March, I think it's a bit too late to even call the year a new year or to share any resolutions! But because it's been a while since you last heard from me, I'll give a brief summary on how the business and I have been :-D!

It has been a while since I last wrote anything and a lot has happened during that time. For starters, our equipment got stollen by the famous Spiderman from our 6th floor apartment! We got pregnant, delivered and now our little one is turning one year in a few days. During this time, the business not only broke-even but we made profits (woohoo!). And finally, we moved into a bigger workspace, one that accommodates our very active toddler and our business, but all in all, everything has been awesome!

ParentingOur son's dedication day!

I actually thought that business would go down during the time I was pregnant, but I was soo shocked that there was a constant demand for my products! I had deliberately decided not to do any form of digital advertising so as to manage the amount of orders I'd receive. And I was glad that the orders that came in were just enough for me to supply to. But I got to learn that word-of-mouth is one of the strongest marketing campaigns that one can have. If your product is good, it will speak for itself! 

I intend to go back to digital forms of advertising more aggressively this year, especially now that I can somewhat see how to handle a business with a toddler by my side... starting with this post hehehe!

The highlight of this period was that I received two wedding cake orders! That was a very nerve racking experience but I enjoyed every bit of it! It stretched me in ways that were unprecedented and everyone got to enjoy the cake! 

Wedding CakeDoing setup at one of the weddings

But being pregnant was fun and I think motherhood is more fun! Motherhood has actually introduced business to me in a whole new light. 

Initially, I was among those career/business focused people. I had desired to have children once I'd figured some aspects of my life. I wondered whether being pregnant and being a parent would mark the end of my business journey and I was a bit distraught by this at the beginning of my pregnancy journey. Now that I have been at it for a year, I can comfortably say that being a mother has build in me a capacity that I never knew existed! I am more resilient, stronger and more grounded! I believe having an amazing support system around me helped me prioritise my life such that my world just didn't revolve around our son. I am growing to be a more balanced individual (if there's anything like balance in life!)

I believe it's in the midst of constraints or in uncharted territory that our true self comes out and we learn things about ourselves that we never knew about!

Well, as we continue on with the year, I will be more proactive in sharing new recipes and sharing how my parenting journey is, in relation to business! 

Have yourself a lovely week!


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